We are a group committed to studying, embodying, and sharing the practice of Insight Meditation as expressed in the teachings of the Buddha.  The core of these teachings is the practice of mindfulness.  Although we study the teachings of the Buddha we are not Buddhists.  We come from Christian, Jewish, Moslem, and Native traditions or no tradition at all.  We share in the desire to learn how to live with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of ourselves and all beings.

We meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at Fairvern Nursing Home in Huntsville from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. all year long.  Our weekly meetings start with 45 minutes of meditation (walking and sitting) followed by sharing and discussing the teachings of the Buddha.  Our goal is to more fully embody these teachings and practices in our daily lives so that meditation is not something one does with one’s eyes closed but becomes a WAY of life.

We have a lending library of books, teachings on tape and CD, and videos that members may borrow to study on their own.  Generosity is an aspect of living more mindfully and our members are invited to contribute weekly, as is appropriate to their means, to several charitable organisations.  We have been supporting a foster child in El Salvador for many years.  At Christmas we donate money to the Salvation Army in Huntsville, Bracebridge and Gravenhurst.  We also support one family each Christmas through direct donations of gifts and food.  We also give an annual donation to Fairvern Nursing Home who have been kind enough to offer us space for our meetings.   

Once per month, usually the fourth Sunday of the month, we meet at the Novar Community Centre, just north of Huntsville, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to practice a day of mindfulness.  The schedule for these days includes periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, yoga and eating meditation.  The days are held in silence with optional opportunity to share with other participants when we break the silence.  We often share a potluck dinner to end the day.

Dr.Bill Knight, who teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, is the guiding teacher for the group.  Many of our members have learned the practice of Insight Meditation in this way.  Our group is not suitable for someone who has never meditated.  If the suffering or difficulties of your life have lead you to consider meditation practice you may contact him at his office (705-636-5546) to learn about the programs he teaches.  These are suited to people who are novices and those who have some meditation experience.  This would also be the number to call to learn more about our group.

Take Main Street going east through the town of Huntsville.  After crossing the bridge at the east end of the downtown area take the first street on your right (Church Street).  Go up the hill and take the first street on your right (Mill Road) which will lead you into the parking lot.  Walk around to the back of the building and go to the covered entrance where there will be some one to let you in.  If you arrive later than 7:15 p.m. the group will be in progress and there will be no one at the door which will be locked.

Drive north from Huntsville on Highway 11 approximately 11 kilometres until you reach Novar Road. (Exit 235 – Hwy 592)  Cross over the bridge and turn right on to the West Service Road and follow it to the mall.  Drive to the north east corner of the parking lot containing the FOODLAND grocery store.  The road exiting the north end of the mall will turn left and you will be facing a white building with a green roof.  This is the Novar Community Centre.  There is parking at the front and the side of the building.  If this is full use the mall parking lot.  If travelling south on Highway 11 get off at Exit 235 and turn right at the first stop sign.  Drive into the mall and follow the instructions above.

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